Picture of Dave Duncan
Dave Duncan
Rochester's Most Surprising Web Developer
Here are some examples of work created to showcase my abilities.
The code for many of these projects can be seen on my GitHub account.
Thumbnail image of website https://reynard-d-fox.com/.
Actual production website promoting a monthly streaming web audio program and podcast.
Thumbnail image of a webpage with picture thumbnails and search bar on top.
Thumbnail image gallery with search bar, custom SVG icons and modal lightbox overlay with navigation.
Thumbnail image of a single cat picture with name on top, click counter on bottom, title 'Clicky Kitty Deluxe' at top and hamburger navigation at top left.
Extended version of earlier assignment, but with flyout navigation, inline SVG hamburger icon and MVC architecture.
Thumbnail images with rows and columns of cat images, each with a name above and click counter below.
Fall 2017 class assignment based on the cat clicker project from Udacity's JavaScript Design Patterns course.
Thumbnail image with rows of digits 0 through 9.
A web art experiment inspired by sites like jodi.org and superbad.com using JavaScript's document.write method.
Thumbnail image of demonstration profile page.
Assigned demonstration of responsive design for Fall 2017 web development course.
Thumbnail image of Dave Duncan appearing over an abstract speckled background with navigation in upper right corner and text below.
Class assignment for Fall 2017 web development course.
Thumbnail of tribute page to Raymond Scott, featuring Mr. Scott in his electronic music studio amongst early music synthesis and recording equipment, seated in a chair and facing the camera. Overlay text says 'Raymond Scott: Composer & Synthesizer Pioneer'.
Early page created as a freecodecamp.org exercise.